Sanus VLT7-B2 Advanced Tilt 4D Premium TV Wall Mount

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Sanus Advanced Tilt 4D Premium TV Wall Mount for 42" – 90" TVs

The SANUS VLT7 Advanced Tilt 4D Premium TV Wall Mount represents the next level of advanced tilt technology, now allowing you to tilt your TV in 4 different directions. Not only up and down but now left and right for swivel capability. This mount provides 17cm of extension. The extension allows even the largest of TVs to achieve the maximum listed tilt range*. Large TVs installed on traditional tilting mounts often hit the wall, limiting the maximum tilt that can be achieved. The VLT7 solves this issue by extending from the wall, offering TVs a larger tilt range.

More tilt translates to better glare reduction. This makes the VLT7 the go-to tilting mount for all above-eye-level mounting locations, like over the fireplace. Additionally, because the mount can extend the TV 17cm from the wall and swivel up to 15° left and right, cables and wires can be accessed quickly and easily while the TV is still mounted. This makes the initial hook-up and future device switches a quick and easy process.

An open wall plate design allows the VLT7 allows for mounting directly over electrical outlets or media boxes for a super clean installation. And centring the TV, even with off-centre studs, is no longer an issue due to the side-to-side shift. Post-installation height and level adjustments make fine-tuning quick and easy for a perfectly level TV. The ability to padlock the TV to the mount for additional safety or security means this can be used in private or public settings without worry.

The VLT7 is safety tested, UL Certified.

  • Offers maximum tilt range for TVs 42”-90” when compared to all other SANUS tilt mounts.
Maximum TV Weight 150lbs / 68.04kg
>Tilt: 7° / -12°
Swivel: 15° / -15°
Product Height: 16.60" / 42.16cm
Product Depth: 2.10" - 6.80" / 5.33cm - 17.27cm
Product Width: 31.30" / 79.50cm


  • Offers maximum tilting range for large TVs
  • FluidMotion effortlessly moves your TV to the ideal position
  • Swivels up to 15° left and right to reduce glare and enhance viewing angle
  • ProSet allows for easy leveling and height adjustment after installation