Kinetik KLIC-SP2-200 2 Core LSZH Speaker Cable 200m Drum

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Kinetik KLIC-SP2-200 2 Core LSZH Speaker Cable 200m Drum

This 2 core cable has a LSZH core insulation and sheath, making building regulation issues a thing of the past. Our 16 AWG cable has black and red individually wrapped conductors, each consisting of 30 strands of oxygen free copper wire and an overall reel length of 200m.

Why Go for LSZH
LSZH stands for 'Low Smoke Zero Halogen'. Our LSZH cables have a special flame-retardant coating while most cables are insulated with PVC or thermoplastic polyurethane. In a fire these materials can release a poisonous gas and forms of acid when in contact with water. Halogen-free cables, on the other hand, do not produce a dangerous gas/acid combination.

Highest Quality Materials
Oxygen Free Copper offers higher conductivity and is able to transfer low-frequency sounds at a standard you deserve. This also provides a greater clarity of sound, that lasts longer than less standard copper wires.

Wire: 30 x 0.24mm (1.5sq/mm) plain oxygen free copper wire
Cores / Sheath: red & black LSZH (low smoke zero halogen) cores violet LSZH sheath
Cable Diameter: 6mm
Cable Length: 200m
Reel Construction: ply flanged reel
Reel Dimensions (H x W x D): 315 x 267 x 315 mm
Weight:: 11.3 Kg


  • Metre marked
  • Ply flanged reel
  • 6mm cable diameter
  • 200m length