Definitive Technology IWSub10/10 Fully-enclosed in-wall subwoofer rectangle

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Definitive Technology IWSub10/10 Fully-enclosed in-wall subwoofer rectangle each


Reach new depths with the IWSub 10/10 subwoofer. Featuring the precision technology of SuperCube free-standing subwoofers, the IWSub 10/10 produces musically accurate low end while vanishing into your walls.

A Force to be Recognized
Experience dynamic lows with the precise pairing of a special shallow-depth, long excursion active driver pressure-coupled to an Ultra Low Bass radiator.

Simple Stealth Installation
Nearly invisible and easily added to new or existing construction, the IWSub 10/10 produces musically accurate bass impact that’s never before been available from a compact in-wall subwoofer.

Non-Resonant Sealed Medite
Enclosed in a dense wood medite enclosure that eliminates vibrations and buzzing, the IWSub 10/10 delivers deep, powerful bass.

Drive units: 254 mm (10.5") Subwoofer
254 mm (10.5") Bass Radiator
Depth: 9.7cm
Grille Dimensions (H x W) 533.4 x 393.7 mm
21" x 15.5"
Frequency Response: 16 Hz → 200 kHz
Max Sensitivity (1 watt @ 1 metre): TBC
Cut Out Dimensions (H x W): 505 x 365.3 mm
19.88" x 14.38"
Included Accessories: Wall Mounting Template
Paint Mask
Paintable Grille
Self Adhering Foam Gasket
Manufacturer's Warranty*: 5 Years Cabinet & Drivers
Faulty From New*:
(Within 28 Days Of Purchase)
Return to AWE for assessment.
Please complete this online Returns Form
After 28 Days Of Purchase*: The return / repair is managed by Sontec.
Please click through to their Service Centre
*Terms & Conditions: For further information regarding AWE's returns procedures please see chapters 7 & 8 in our Terms & Conditions


  • High impact bass comes to life without using any floor space
  • Perfect results install in any wall with the fully self-enclosed design
  • Dynamic lows resonate from a 10.5" active subwoofer driver and 10.5" ultra low bass radiator