How can I build a 3D sound system using the BP9000 series?

The BP/SR/CS series offer plenty of combination opportunities for the floor layer (5.0, 7.0 or even 9.0) according to your needs. If you need additional subwoofer(s), we recommend to use one from the Supercube series (.1).

For a 3D system, you do not necessarily have to add Height- or Ceiling speakers. The BP9080x already includes a Dolby Atmos module in the main speaker and for BP9060, BP9040 and BP9020, an optional A90 Dolby Atmos module is available which can be easily added to the top of the speaker. Since these upfiring modules work with the reflection on the ceiling, you need to make sure that your ceiling is a hard one where sound is not absorbed to a high degree. These modules can be used to work with Dolby Atmos as well as DTS:X. There are also a few models from Denon and Marantz where you can use Dolby Atmos modules as well to play back Auro 3D content. Please check the user manual if you are unsure about that.

In case, your ceiling is not much reflective or you want the ultimate experience in 3D home theatre, you may add Height speakers or in-ceiling speakers. As Height speakers, you may use Demand series bookshelf speakers or AW series speakers. In case, you want to use ceiling in-wall speakers, the Di series of in wall speakers will do the job.

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