Xantech RT1610 IR controlled IR router. 1 in and 16 output ports.

The RT1610 is a one in sixteen out IR router.

The input terminal block allows for connection to other Xantech IR receivers and controllers. These received signals can then be routed to all the outputs, a single output or a combination of them. If needed different code sets can be used for the routing so that multiple RT1610 units can be used on the same IR bus.

All the codes required are in the programming remote RC68+, just be sure to set the code group on the RT1610 to the same as the remote when learning the IR commands.

The unit responds to switching commands stored in the RC68+, simply learn these into a universal remote or keypad etc. When a code is received the RT1610 switches its routing as the received code determines. All IR after that is routed as per the settings until another routing code is received or a GP-OFF ('clear all') code is received. If a GP-ON signal is received the unit will route the following IR to all 16 outputs. So you would sent a routing code and then the IR code to be routed in a macro sequence.

To summarise you can set routing codes as follows:

  • route to one (code received specifies which one)
  • route to many (code received specifies which )
  • route to all
  • route off

On the output circuits you have a four terminal block with a connection for an IR emitter eye and another connection for a LED. This needs to be rated between 20 and 25mA. The LED's can be used as feedback to see which IR ports are active at any one time.

12v DC, 1A power supply required, 782ERGPS - available separately

The demonstration below shows how TV's can be controlled as a whole, in groups or individually in a bar from single button presses.

Any situation where you need to send IR to certain equipment only, the RT1610 or RT8 can be used. Especially if the equipment is all the same model like in this example.





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