About Draper
Since the 1st September 2015, AWE have supplied its customers with the extensive range of Draper residential screens and provided sales, technical and training support. “Draper has a distinguished heritage and its extensive investment in R&D results in many product accolades every year. Draper is exactly the sort...
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How Ambient Light Rejection Works

Ambient light rejection (ALR) projection screen technology has been around for a while now. Despite this, there is some confusion in the AV marketplace as to how ALR works. Some of this confusion is caused by manufacturers making inaccurate claims or promoting non-ALR surfaces as a solution.

30/05/2018 - (Read Time 3 minutes)
Getting The Most From Ultra Short Throw Projection

Ultra Short Throw (UST) projectors provide a solution for small spaces where there isn’t room for the projector to a typical distance from the screen, and in presentation areas where light in the eyes would be an issue. UST projectors are located less than 2 feet from the screen, making it easier to avoid obstructions.

30/05/2018 - (Read Time 3 minutes)
Following the exclusive distribution deal between AWE and Draper Inc in September 2015, the partnership has gone from strength to strength and now sees the UK’s leading CI distributor supplying both fixed and tab tensioned electric models featuring an ambient light-rejecting fabric that is perfect for home cinema...
May 2016
AWE signs exclusive distribution deal with Draper Inc
Leading UK CI distributor, AWE, is pleased to announce that it has secured an exclusive distribution deal with Draper Inc, a market leader in projection screens. Effective from the 1stSeptember 2015, this new partnership sees AWE supply its customers with the extensive range of Draper residential screens and provide...