Syncbox SB006 Sync-Box ADV x10

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UK & Europe’s Only Recessed Power Outlet

Ready to install, ready for anything, incorporating power, three cat6 & f-type modules this is all you need to wire too. High-end projects deserve the best solution.

The problem.

The home entertainment market has changed, televisions have become considerably slimmer and lighter, allowing them to sit closer to the wall.

Television brackets have changed too, reduced in size, the modern brackets mount your television generally 15mm to 25mm away from the wall.

But what’s behind the television? Power & Audio/Visual leads. Unfortunately, television manufacturers do not supply a recessed power outlet for plugs or even a recessed power outlet to enable their beautiful screens to fit flush to the wall. Typically, with the connection cables plugged in, the cables can protrude from anything between 40mm and 50mm from the wall.

The solution

Syncbox have created the first recessed power point.

Syncbox is designed around a standard double socket space. This minimizes structural changes and enables the recessed TV outlet to be fitted retrospectively.

With Syncbox all your cable connections are recessed, so your flat screen doesn’t have to sit away from the wall.

Recessed power outlet, recessed TV point or recessed power outlet & AV, it’s your call because Sync-box is designed around the standard 100mm x 50mm Euro Module system which is yours to adapt for your bespoke requirement.

Syncbox comes with a unique flat blanking plate for when the screen is removed or indeed if the screen is mounted to a swing bracket, exposing the wall behind. We’ve purposefully designed the blanking plate to look modern and stylish in your home.


Do I require a special plug top?

Modern televisions are supplied with a moulded plug top. These often have a substantial piece of plastic at the base of the plug which is designed for cable strain. Using a standard upright socket would result in the plug not being able to fit into the in-wall tv point. Therefore we provide an angled power socket which enables the plug to be located at a 45 degree angle with ease. There is also no compromise with the available space next to the power socket for AV connections. All power and AV cables fit with ease and are totally recessed within the in-wall tv point.

How deep is the back box?

The back box is based around the depth of a standard US J box. The back box is 78 mm deep. Apart from the depth it is a complete mirror image of a standard UK Double Back Box.

Is there a back box available for dry walls?

The standard back box can be fitting into brick and plasterboard walls, but Sync-box do have a dedicated dry lining box coming soon.

What is the depth of the cover plate, once installed in the wall?


What’s the depth behind the modules?

Once the modules are installed, it’s the same as using a standard 35mm deep UK double back box behind. (It’s actually a little deeper)

What’s the internal recessed depth within Sync-box?

From the front of the modules installed in Sync-box to the back of the cover plate once fitted . . . . 40mm.

1x Unit consists of:

Metal Back Box Syncbox Cover Plate, White Power Module Plaster Insert Power Divides 2x KJ1015/ KJ1065/ 3x KJ1095


  • Designed around a standard double socket space
  • Keeps cable connections are recessed, so your flat screen doesn’t have to sit away from the wall
  • Comes with a unique flat blanking plate for when the screen is removed